Festival FAQs

1. When are you open?

  • Thursday, July 1st – 11am to 7pm

2. Park Map

3. What is the cost of admission?

Free! We appreciate donations, though! 

4. How do I best support Rotary?

Canada’s Largest Ribfest is Burlington’s premier fundraising event proudly organized by Rotary Burlington Lakeshore. Funds raised at Ribfest support countless programs. You can help us give back to the community by mailing a cheque to: Rotary Burlington Lakeshore, P.O. Box 85103, Burlington, ON, L7R 4K3

1. Do vendors accept Debit or Credit cards?

Yes, they accept cash, debit, and credit.

2. Who are the rib teams and vendors?

We are excited to welcome back Camp 31 BBQ, Billy Bones BBQ, Uncle Sam’s BBQ, and Sticky Fingers BBQ.

6. What is the price of ribs this year?

View full menus here.

7. Do you serve beef ribs?

No, unfortunately the rib teams have limited menus for the drive-thru events.

8. Are there any gluten-free rib options?

All ribbers have gluten-free sauces.

9. Are there vegetarian/vegan foods available?

All of the vendors have vegetarian items on their menus.

10. What other kinds of foods are available in addition to ribs?

Chicken, pulled pork, corn bread, donuts, corn, pizza, and more…

11. Who supplies the ribs?


12. Who won the rib judging contest in 2019?

The award for BEST GREEN PIG RIG goes to: 3rd – Sticky Fingers BBQ; 2nd – Boss Hog’s BBQ; 1st – Billy Bones BBQ Canada 

The award for BEST SAUCE goes to: 3rd – Smokehouse Bandits; 2nd – Hawgs Gone Wild BBQ; 1st – Billy Bones BBQ

The award for BEST RIBS goes to: 3rd – Silver Bullet BBQ; 2nd – Camp 31 BBQ; 1st – Pistol Pete’s BBQ

13. I’m interested in being a vendor. Where do I apply?

We will not be accepting applications for 2021 vendors. Check back on our website in the Fall to apply for our 2022 festival!

1. What bands are playing, and when?

Check back soon for our new lineup!

2. I’m interested in being an entertainer. Where can I apply?

The window to apply to perform at this year’s festival has closed. Please check back in the Fall when we open the applications again for next year.

3. I’m interested in being part of the Emerging Artists Showcase. When can I apply?

Applications for our Emerging Artists Showcase open in the Spring. Check back on our website then for more info.

*Due to the safety risk of holding a large scale event in person at this time, we have had to cancel our 2021 festival at the park again, but we still have the Rotary Drive-Thru Ribfest on Labour Day as a safe alternative! Click here for more info.

Please consider making a contribution to one of the following charities that would have benefited from this year’s event: Halton Food For Life, Burlington Food Bank, Salvation Army Food Bank, Food4Kids, Wellington Square Meal Program, Halton Women’s Place, The Carpenter Hospice, Joseph Brant Hospital or Rotary Burlington Lakeshore.

To donate, please follow this link: http://www.rotaryburlingtonlakeshore.ca/